Writing a book review year 6

Tips for Writing a Year 6 Book Review

You are in 6th Grade, and your teacher has assigned you to share a book review. Thoughts begin racing in your mind, and you wonder where to begin. First things first, understand these three tips before you even get started with that homework.

  • Personalize your review by owning the discussion
  • Go universal, let the world resonate with the content of your review
  • Support your opinion with recent evidence

If you are a student who aims to get good grades in school by presenting a stellar book review, be sure to apply the tips mentioned above, and you will impress your class teacher.

Key Elements of a Book Review

As you study and engage with the content you will review, one should take notes as they read through the book. This provides them with a summary that begins to form the pieces of the entire book review. Below are elements that you should consider when reviewing a book:


The context of what you review must always revolve around your topic. A student must choose to review a book that he or she is conversant with. This enables them to write relevant content while ensuring they do not deviate from the topic. Familiarization brings a sense of belonging; therefore, when you write about a book you love, the chances of giving it your best review are high.


Plagiarism is considered academic malpractice, and to ensure that you do not fall into the ditch, you ought to quote the author as the source of information. Not only do you cite your information sources, but you must always ensure you paraphrase your review to ensure originality. It is also vital for students to dig for some background information, hence mentioning any accolades that the author has received over time.


Is your book review about fiction or non-fiction? Is it a romance novel you are reviewing? Or perhaps poetry? Maybe Science or history related? All these parameters are covered under the genre where an author even gets to identify their audience. Knowing the book genre, you are about to review enables you to use a relatable tone.


You have already read the book you want to review, and you are about to structure your work. Pose, go back, and reflect on how the original book has been structured. Does it contain a table of contents? Is it written in chapters or sections? What is the word count of the book? When you answer all these questions, you can then begin reviewing the book.

Publisher and Price

You are not done with your book review until you include its publisher, cost as well as providing details of where the book can be found. Only then can you consider your review done and ready for the market.


Book reviews are common for their ability to instill good writing skills among students. They are a useful teaching tool in classrooms that can act as a springboard for further discussions based on the ideas derived from that particular book.

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