Writing A Book Review Middle School

Learn How to Write a Great Book Review in Middle School

Reading is fun and opens ones’ thoughts to a world of endless imaginations. These imaginations are what turn out to be dreams and passion. When children find their passion in reading, you bet that’s a kid who’s bound to be an academic maestro. A reading culture has proven to be a great resource in intelligence and information retention for school-going children.

Children are taught the ‘a-z’ syllabus from the early stage in kindergarten, which blooms into reading and writing. You, therefore, cannot assume the art of reading and writing. We are, consequently, keen to merge the two because writing goes hand in hand with reading. So, book reviews; what is it, and what are they all about?

A book review can be explained as evaluating a scenario, event, or a book like in this context. It entails sharing your understanding of the book with an audience that maybe your classmates, family, or book club members. Whether it is for a favorite or not so favorite book, book reviewing has these three important benefits:

  • Helps aid comprehension of what you have read
  • Enables self-expression of one’s opinions
  • Improve one’s writing skills.

Parents and teachers can help children love book reviewing by encouraging them to engage in group discussions with their friends, neighbors, and classmates. This way, different minds will unite and make exercise fun and more fulfilling.

Skills that Prove Effective in Writing a Book Review

Having discussed the concept and benefits of book reviews, we then ponder how best to do it when faced with the task. Book reviews are hence inevitable for students pursuing education throughout the globe. If you are wondering how do I write a book review or do I have what it takes to write one. Below are some tips for you:


A mind that portrays confidence has the power and might to overcome all fears of the world. Hence, if you are panicking that you lack the expertise, relax, and reaffirm yourself that you can do it. Once you are in a positive mindset, begin mining for all information regarding book reviews. 


Without a doubt, there must be existing data regarding any published book; hence as you aim to review it, ensure that you seek information from other reviewers. This may help one discover whether or not the book is even worth reading.


There is strength in doing things as a group. This is more so true because your peers may note views that you may miss out on hence making your review more substantial. If you aim for a great book review, find people who've read the same book and discuss your opinions.


Reviews can be of storybooks, or classwork and children can learn book reviewing from an early age of 4 years. This is a task that extends throughout one’s academic journey. High school and university students, for example, are required to provide an overview of any study topic they research on. This can only be done correctly by reviewing existing data conducted by other researchers.

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