Writing A Book Review Middle School Template

A Guide to Writing Your Middle School Book Review

So, the task is here, and you want to excel at it. Commonly, you will browse for several articles in search of the format so that you get insights on how best to present your book review and ask about how to writemyessay. Indulge in reading this article as it will be your ultimate guide to doing just that.

Firstly, it is necessary to understand why you’ve been assigned this assignment and what your teacher expects from your presentation. Once you identify that the purpose of reviewing a book includes:

  • Criticizing the author’s ideas and writing techniques.
  • Exposing your opinions of the book to other readers
  • Connecting book lovers through analyzing how others reviewed the same book
  • Recommending whether other readers should read the book or not

Secondly, students need to understand that their work will also be under scrutiny after writing it. This means that they must use recent research as evidence to support their thoughts. They must ensure that they edit and review their work to rule out any existing mistakes before presenting it.

A Book Review Explained: Step- By- Step

When writing your review of the book, you ought to include your name as the reviewer, the date when the book was reviewed, and the original author’s name. This is an essential aspect as it improves the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the author, the book, and you as the reviewer. By identification, a reviewer becomes known to other readers, and with time if you are a consistent reviewer of books, you may end up being famous for your critiques.

Writing a book review is a simple task when you follow the steps explained below:


This step involves drawing a blueprint in your head of how your final review will look like. Three important things to consider the topic you select, your review’s word count, and how to format your review.


The intro gives a perspective of whether or not to continue reading the review. Students must therefore begin with a thought-provoking statement that will make the audience want to read more. Ensure that you briefly explain the relevance of the review.


At this stage, you are expected to explain your opinions extensively. Note that this is where all the meat goes; hence you must ensure that you consolidate your thoughts without deviating from your topic.


The last step while providing your reviews of a book entails rating the book. You can either recommend other readers to read it or discourage them based on your book’s thoughts. This is a step where you are expected to exercise due diligence and don’t give low ratings because you disagree with the authors’ opinions.


If you had the discretion to select a book to review, you bet you’d chose the one you love reading. What if you had no choice, and your options are few? No need to worry. You can trust the process explained above to see you through writing an excellent book review.

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