Write A Review Of A Book You Have Recently Read

The Do's and Don'ts While Writing a Book Review

Excitement is a feeling that many children portray when their parents or teachers ask them to review a novel or storybook that they finished reading not so long ago. While the sentiment may overwhelm rationality, students must be careful to avoid pitfalls that may cause them to lose marks. Below, we note down writing tips that prove to be helpful while writing a book review:

  • Your Introduction should be brief and precise
  • You must justify evidence with relevant case studies
  • Reference your work when you outsource information elsewhere
  • Do not compare the book you are reviewing with other books
  • Realize that your opinion matters; hence you should not be afraid to criticize the author

When you understand the aspects of a good book review, you are assured of writing an impressive one. An example is the storybook 'If I Never Forever Endeavour.' It's about the story of a bird that didn't know to fly but eventually did after a lot of practice. The moral of the story is to encourage children that no matter how scary doing something may seem when you try several times, you eventually learn how to do it to perfection.

Tips for Sharing Reviews of a Book 

A child's mind is wired to learn and explore new things; hence learning to review a book is a great fulfillment. Teachers start training them by using relatable examples that range from fun storybooks to even asking them to review their favorite cartoon animation. A teacher must understand the child's mind and strive to get to their IQ levels. 

Because teachers and parents know their students and children very well, they ask a child to write only what's possible. They further emphasize that the child should read the storybook several times to familiarize themself with it. This way, a child becomes confident to write a book review based on their understanding. There are some helpful tips they can follow, as explained below:

  1. Identify the genre of the book, i.e., is it a love story, historical or documentary?
  2. Attempt to make the reader feel like they are part of the story
  3. Use concrete examples that can relate to your audience.
  4. Give genuine feedback as to whether or not you liked the book.

When you finish writing your book review, remember that your opinion will advise whom the book may appeal to; thus, it is essential to share recommendations with them. Be honest when reviewing the book; do not discredit a book simply because you don’t agree with some of the author’s opinions.


A good review should attempt to summarize the content of a book according to your understanding. You must therefore ensure that you do not plagiarize work from the original author or other reviewers. To do well in your book review, don't just read one book. Look out for other reviews so that you can give a weighty review. Remember that your teacher will grade you. Hence, give it the best shot that will earn you those good points.

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