How to write a research proposal?

Before you start writing your TFG, you probably need to prepare a plan; generally known as a research proposal.

In this proposal is where you should describe what you are going to investigate and how you will achieve it.

As the research proposal is the thread that you will follow throughout the writing process of your TFG it is important that you spend a good time reflecting on it. By presenting a good proposal, you have already dealt with half the battle!

How should your research proposal be?

Your proposal should identify the literature, the problem statement and the main research question, as well as the method you will use to carry out the research, the main sources of data and the references you will use to write your TFG, TFM or thesis.

Part 1: Read the current literature

Look for literature on topics that you find interesting to motivate your research question. Examine what has already been done in that field and look for questions that have not yet been answered.

Part 2: Formulate an approach to the problem and a main research question

What problem will you tackle and what main research question will you explore in your TFG. You should also create some sub-questions that will allow you to answer the main question step by step.

Part 3: Create a research methodology

How will you respond to the main research question and sub-questions in your TFG. What methods and materials will you use in the process? These issues should be addressed in the “research methodology” section of your proposal.

Part 4: Data sources

Where will you get the data you need? Are you going to consult the main magazines? How will you find the relevant literature?

Part 5: References

It includes a list of articles and other materials that you consulted during the preparation of your proposal and that you intend to use during the preparation of your real TFG. In other words, prepare a list of references from your sources.