Guidelines on How to Write a First-rate Economics Paper

Types of Research Papers

Research papers can be further sub-divided into three categories, namely:

  1. Analytical
  2. Expository
  3. Argumentative

Below are some guidelines to help you write an outstanding research paper

Choose your Preferred Topic

Sometimes your tutors may decide on the title you are going to write about. If you are given the freedom to choose a topic, be wise enough to pick a subject you are attracted to. By doing so, you will enjoy yourself during the writing process. Never select a topic that is too broad or technical. Try and narrow down your subject to an idea or concept so that the issue can be manageable and specific.

Formulate your Research Questions

The next step in writing research papers is writing your thesis statements. The main aim of formulating these questions is to help you when researching your preferred topic. The research questions also guide you when articulating your points. They also help you remain fixated on the subject. Well-written research questions should:

  1. Show your stand on the topic
  2. Reflect on the type of paper you are composing
  3. Be concise

Research Extensively

As a student, you need to find adequate primary and secondary sources of information related to your topic. Go through them keenly and make short notes to support your arguments. Remember to keep a record of these sources so that you can use them as your references.

Write an Outline

As you conduct your research, you come across several ideas that you could use to support your contentions. Organize them systematically, from the most vital point to the weakest. A good outline forms the structure of your paper. Do not include unnecessary information. As you create your design, always keep in mind the basic system of term paper that consists of:

  1. The title page
  2. Abstract
  3. Introduction
  4. Research methodology
  5. Literature review
  6. Findings
  7. Discussion and conclusion

Write a Draft Research Paper.

The draft paper is similar to the final copy. Do not neglect the writing styles applied in the writing process. Include the title, body, references, and in-text citations. The draft acts as a guide to help you write a good research paper. It will help correct all the mistakes you may have committed when writing. After composing the draft, you can now go ahead and write the final copy of your assignment.

Editing and proofreading

This is the last step in writing a research paper. It involves two main processes as discussed below:

Content Editing

When we talk about content editing, we mean thinking about the length of the paper, structure, wording, and sentence organization. Use the outline you had created and check if the article has been organized flawlessly. Check if you have met the required word count. Make sure all the instructions given by your tutor have been met.

Grammar Editing

This is a crucial stage in writing. You don't want to submit a paper full of grammar errors. You may decide to do it yourself or ask a friend to do the proofreading on your behalf. There are also resources such as Grammarly that prove to be useful. After checking everything is correct, you may now hand in your assignment.

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